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How It Begins - The Web Design Process
We start the web design process by first assessing your needs and then devising a strategy to maximize the return on your investment. Once the size and scope of the web project is determined, then we submit our estimate for the project. After that is approved, we begin work on your new web solution*.

While each web solution is unique, most will start out with a rough layout design that is emailed to you as an image. We then take your feedback from that and revise it until you approve. At that point, we start the creation of the actual website and email you the prototype website to review when it is ready.

Making Sure You Are Satisfied
We will continue to revise the prototype website until you fully approve. Once you feel that it is ready to launch, only then do we invoice you for our work. You pay nothing for our web design work until you are completely satisfied*. Once we receive payment from you (we accept Paypal, Checks, or Money Orders), we launch your website and make it public.

After the Site is Launched - Website Maintenance
The process does not end with the site launch; during the first few days, we will carefully monitor the website to make sure everything is running smoothly and notify you of any issues that might hinder the end user's experience at your website.

Upon request, we will go over web statistics with you to help you identify areas that need improvement and areas that are performing well. Our web statistics show you not only how many people have visited your site, but how long they stay, where they come from, what pages are being viewed, what search terms are being used to find your website, and much more. We are also able to install Google Analytics as another option.

After two months of being live (and every quarter thereafter), at your request, we will go over with you how well your search engine rankings are. If we can identify areas of improvement, we will revise some keywords on your website to help you gain in rankings. This is billed at our maintenance rate.

If you wish to have a guaranteed search engine optimization program for your web solution, we can send you a list of our preferred SEO partners.

*selected projects may require an upfront deposit to begin work.

If you have any questions about our web design process, please get in touch.
We look forward to creating an effective website for you!

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