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Support Topics


  1. My website is down! What is going on and when will it be back up?

    A: If you see that your website is down, please wait at least 5 minutes before taking any action since server reboots are often the cause of this and do not take long to restore access to your website.

    If a few minutes have passed and your site is still down, then be sure to check the "Server Status" area of first. If you do not see an update, then try to chat online with us or fill out a trouble ticket. If it is a critical emergency, then call us at 480.235.1916.

  2. My website is up but I am not receiving any email. How can I get my mail?

    A: Most likely, you are over your email quota. Log into your control panel and check to make sure you have not used up all of the web space allotted to that account, or to your website entirely. If this is the case, once you clear out enough space (try for at least a few megabytes), you should start receiving emails again.

    If you are within quota but not receiving email via Outlook or another email client, try using your webmail to see if you can view your messages that way. If you can, then there is likely a setting in Outlook that is preventing you from receiving your mail. Feel free to contact us for help at this point and we will try to fix the setting.

  3. Do you provide any guidance with learning the control panel (Cpanel) or any of the Fantastico scripts?

    A: Yes! We now have comprehensive Flash-based tutorials for learning several of CPanel's features. Additionally, you can always ask us general questions about CPanel or Fantastico. However, if you need more detailed one-on-one tutorial sessions, they are charged at our maintenance rate ($25 / hour).

  4. How do I view my webstats?

    A: Log into your control panel and click on " Web/FTP Stats". There are a few options there to choose from, but we recommend you pick "Awstats" as they have the best reporting and layout of the available stat programs.

Flash Tutorials
Check Your Accounts
  • Checking Your Webmail
    1.Go to (replace "your-site" with your domain name)
    2. Enter the proper user name and password.
    3. Choose the Webmail program you would like to use (you can switch later if you like)

  • Logging Into Your Control Panel
    1. Go to (replace "your-site" with your domain name)
    2. Login using the username and password given to you when you created your account

  • Checking Your Billing Information
    1. Log into our clients area
    2. You can view past and upcoming invoices there

Trouble Ticket

Click on the icon above to send a ticket if no one is online.
If you have any questions about your account, please get in touch.
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