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Things that are Relevant…









Six years ago, I scribbled that list. Then, from the word Beauty I drew a squiggly line down the page to the title of a second list, Things that are more Complex…





Not one, but two exclamation points. Truth is always a tricky business, and a fraught one for those of us who have turned away from the religions of our families and tribes in search of something seemingly “more” true. Religious fans of the pronoun “the” attached to “truth” seem to either pity us more-ians as hopeless floaters in a bardo of spiritual relativity or denigrate us as somehow less spiritual because we are apparently less “sure” of our beliefs. What about seeing and sensing divinity IN ultimate unknowability? What about something that is not a “The,” but a forever unfolding, being the belief?

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noooo way

The Hindu, the Buddhist, and the Christian were all sitting together. They were taking questions now. There was a big pause. I had not intended to cause discomfort. I had actually hoped for a different answer.

The Christian, a Methodist minister with a warm and quiet demeanor, had spoken gently about God as Love and about how we are all called to this Love by this Loving God. Lots of love, lots of God. Very nice. But, this Christian never actually got around to mentioning Jesus of Nazareth. This was confusing.

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