About the Author

“My mom laughs SO loud!!!”  My daughters say this, and they are not bragging.  But, they are accurate.  My version of peacefulness is a raucous one indeed.

Christened an Episcopal and now a laughing Buddhist, I say Hi There to the universe in my teacup each morning, deal with a lot of difficult stuff just like you do, and do best when I accept the giddy shock of blessings abounding everywhere.

I have five generations of Texas in my veins, a four hundred year old oak tree in my yard, two righteous daughters, two true dogs, two cherubic cats, three bright fish, one flirty flying squirrel, one beloved lover and, at long last, a spiritual practice that sustains me.

That practice is a gift that bloomed from the friendship of about twenty books over the last twenty years.  They keep unfolding for me.  They keep introducing me to new friends, whether made of paper or flesh or dreams, and I write to keep saying Thank You… and please, tell me more.  Keep talking.

Anne Elizabeth

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